NEW MAC MOBILE BALER : Strength, Efficiency And Reliability

Whenever the market asks for new, smart and reliable solutions, we immediately respond by developing innovative products in line with our productivity and cost reduction standards

That’s the pattern we’ve followed when developing our Mobile Baler, a solution that puts together the advantages of both a fixed and a mobile plant: high productivity together with ease of movement

The mobile baler is designed for transfer stations and yards where the material is spread over a wide surface, making thus difficult the transport of the material until the feeding conveyor.

The first mobile baler has been studied to work at the Pontericcio storage yard, managed by A2A, where 125 thousand tons of mummified waste are waiting to be re-baled for further disposal.

Given the huge amount of material to bale, and the occupied surface, it would be impossible to have a traditional balking plant, where material needs to be grabbed and transported till the baling-wrapping area. In order to minimize downtimes and reduce the traffic inside the yard, we have thus build a baling and wrapping system on mobile trailers, able to move across the storage area in a fast and efficient way.

MACPRESSE solution for A2A

The mobile baler MAC 112 with wrapping machine

Mac 112
Wrapping machine

MAC 112: power and efficiency become mobile

Given the quantity of material to process, and the reduce timeframe, the choice could not be other than our top of the range machine: a Mac112 with 150Kw power, that can process up to 60 tons of waste per hour. After more than six months of operation, results have confirmed our success into combining the power of a high production machine with the advantages of a mobile plant.