Three models in three years: the new Series MAC/2 is growing again!

We have hit the gas pedal of product innovation to meet our client’s needs and help them in a constantly evolving market, with balers as reliable as the MAC/1 but higher performing.

Three new model in three years and the firstthree of the series, the MAC 110/2, MAC 108/2 and MAC 107/2 are already operating in France, Germany, Ireland and Italy.

Two years ago, in 2016, we launched the MAC 110/2. the first model of our new generation of balers: the MAC/2 series. One year later, the MAC 108/2 was born and this year we will launch the latest model of the new series at IFAT 2018: the MAC 107/2.
The /2 balers have been designed to further improve management and maintenance costs, as well as the storage and transport costs. The bales are very high density to take the utmost advantage of the volume of cargo on lorries and containers (up to 25 ton/load for every kind of material) and thanks to the high efficiency IE3 electric motors, the energy costs are lower because they yield a savings of up to 30%. The remote control system of the MAC/2 Series has been further improved and the /2 balers are even more efficient and easier to use than those of the previous series.

MAC 110/2: 10% faster and more efficient than the MAC 110/1

The MAC 110/2 is the first of the new /2 series. Launched two years ago at IFAT 2016, it is an extremely high performing and reliable model for handling large volumes of production.

The very satisfactory results achieved both in France, where the first machines are already in operation in the Deroo plants (Paprec Group), and in Germany, where Jakob Becker, Feddersen & Starke and Bohme chose MAC 110/2 for some of their largest factories.

Compared to the previous MAC 110/1, in fact, it is more efficient, sturdier and easier to maintain. We designed the MAC 110/2 so that it would achieve a higher speed and larger production, but at the same time guarantee lower maintenance costs, minimising all the parameters of the operating costs (OPEX) and guaranteeing better IT interface management.

For more information on our MAC 110/2, please see the product sheet.


MAC 108/2: higher specific pressure of 80% compared to the MAC 108/1

The MAC 108/2, introduced for the first time on the market at Ecomondo 2017, is the second model in our new generation of balers, recommended in particular for baling plastic materials like HDPE and PET.

It is the baler for those who have medium/high production requirements and who also need to obtain very high density bales to reach the weight limits permitted in a container.

To combine these two requests, our designers created the new machine so that it would reach a specific pressure up to more than 20 kg/cm2, with bale format of 110×75 cm to reduce the empty spaces in the cargo vehicles to a minimum.

Thus the pressure of the MAC 108/2 is 80% higher than that achieved by the MAC 108/1 and the bales produced with this baler have very high density, ideal for arranging the maximum weight that can be loaded in a lorry and container.

Like the MAC 110/2, we have also received the first orders for the MAC 108/2 just a few months following the launch. Today, in fact, it is already at work in large Italian and European plants, confirming the performance estimated by our designers.

For further information on our MAC 108/2, please see the product sheet.

MAC 107/2: bales up to 30% denser than the MAC 107/1

The MAC 107/2 is the latest model of the /2 series which we will launch at IFAT 2018. It processes all kinds of materials coming from separate collection.

It is the baler for those who do not need high production, but who want to obtain at the same time a product quality equal to a machine with large scale output.

To meet this request, we have improved certain characteristics of the MAC 107/1, the previous baler: the tie and the extrusion channel have been reinforced and the counter-pressure cylinder has been increased. This way, compared to the /1, the density of the bales has been increased by 30% for cardboard and 15% for plastics, keeping the format of the bale small ( 110×75 cm).

The result is a higher density of the bales combined with greater production, without requiring excessive effort from the machine.

We look forward to seeing you at IFAT 2018 to give you a preview of the MAC 107/2!