Every two years, Munich plays host to IFAT, the premier world event dedicated to environmental technologies, waste processing and recovery. An unparalleled event for us, we are all very fond. It was at IFAT 2016 that we launched for the first time our new generation of balers: MAC/2, with the MAC 110/2. This year we have once again chosen the Munich stage to introduce the very latest Series/2 baler: MAC 107/2, which we will launch at IFAT 2018 from 14 to 18 May. You can’t miss it!

We look forward to seeing you in Munich, at Stand B5.451/550, with MAC SERVICE, our local partner in Germany, Austria and Hungary. Thanks to their impeccable support service and the professionalism and expertise of their technicians, in just a few years they have contributed to making Macpresse an important benchmark on the German market, one of the leading operators in terms of number of plants and machines installed. More details at MAC SERVICE.

MAC 107/2: the evolution of Mac 107/1 to achieve greater density and production.

All the MAC/2 are better performing, sturdier and also easier to maintain than the previous balers. They are balers that can bale all kinds of materials, even the most “difficult” such as high density plastics, with excellent results. They handle heavier workloads than the /1, already appreciated by our clients for their reliability. At the same time, they provide greater density to the bale to arrange the maximum weight that can be loaded onto a lorry and container. The bale format falls within the standard parameters for transport via land and sea and, therefore, it does not require particular means and maximizes the container weight for export. Transport costs are reduced and, thanks to the high efficiency IE3 electric motors, energy costs also decrease, yielding a savings of up to 30%.

Compared to the MAC 107/1 previous machine, the density of the bales in the MAC 107/2 has been increased by 30% for cardboard and 15% for plastics. We have achieved this performance thanks to modifications to the mechanics and hydraulics of the counter-pressure: in this way the output of the material from the extrusion channel is greatly increase and it is possible to obtain a bale density between 10% and 30% higher than the /1. but without increasing the specific pressure of the machine!

From the initial launch of the Series /2 at IFAT 2016, the new range of balers, which includes the MAC 110/2, the MAC 108/2, introduced a few months ago at ECOMONDO 2017, and now the MAC 107/2, has received a lot of interest from clients who already know and use our machines. In less than two years, we have received several orders and today the new range is already at work in large Italian and European plants.

Here is one of our MAC/2at work:

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